Current Chief

The current Chief of Clan Lamont is the 29th, Father Peter Noel Lamont of that Ilk. Father Lamont is Parish Priest of Holy Name Mary Roman Catholic Church, Rydalmere a suburb of Sydney, Australia. He was born on November 21, 1955, and became Chief upon the death of his father, Noel Brian Lamont, on July 16, 1972. His branch of the family came to Australia in 1855, led by his Great Great Grandfather, Edward Buller Lamont. Peter is also the heredity Baron of Inveryne.

The Chiefship moved to Australia in 1929, when Peter’s Great Uncle, Edward Luis Lamont, became the 22nd Chief. Peter has a younger brother, Gregory, who is married, and has sons, so the Chief’s line will continue in Australia. He also has a sister, Roxanne.